Tourist camp Verhnii Bor is located in the picturesque surroundings of the left bank terrace of the Volga - near one of Mastryukov's lakes - just after the Zhiguli Gate, 40 kilometers from Samara.


Fresh air of pinewood, warm Volga stream and unique sceneries of the Zhiguli mountains will make your stay pleasant, healthy and unforgettable.



Tourist Camp Verhnii Bor offers:  


- nine two-storey cottages Lux with all facilities provided. For 4-5 guests. Every cottage contains two suites.  


- one two-storey cottage VIP with all facilities provided. Contains three suites. For 8-9 guests.  


- Swedish cottage containing eight double/twin suites with all facilities provided.  


- a two-storey Apartments Cottage.  

On the first floor there are two blocks with a separate entrance. In every block there is a living room, two separate rooms, a restroom. On the second floor there are four double/twin rooms with all facilities provided.  


- Bungalow Cottage – a single-storey cottage, containing 4 suites with separate entrances. All facilities provided. Each suite is for 3-4 guests.



You can find everything you need for organizing a corporate event in our tourist camp. There are two events halls for up to 100 people. Professional equipment is available. You can visit the cinema, play table tennis or rent other sport equipment, go to banya/sauna.


You are welcome to organize conferences, training sessions and seminars in our tourist camp.








Check-in time – 16.00

Check-out time – 14.00


Free parking in special areas.

No parking near cottages.




Railway station Mastryukovo Kurumoch selsovet Volzhskii district Samara




    Office - +7 (846) 278 81 90 Administrator- +7 927 0 103 102 Executive Manager - +7(846) 274 22 49




one two-storey block cottage VIP with all facilities provided. Contains three suites. For 8-9 guests.



two-storey block cottages Lux. For 4-5 guests.



Bungalow. Cottage with 4 separate rooms.



Swedish Cottage with eight separate rooms with all facilities provided.



Apartments Cottage with six separate rooms. 1st floor.



Apartments Two-storey cottage with six separate rooms. 2nd floor.