Bungalow Cottage




Cottage with 4 separate suites




Each suite has two rooms:


Furnished living room with a kitchen zone (with a fridge, a microwave, an electric kettle), a conditioner and a TV.




- WC (toilet, basin, shower cabin with hot and cold water available all the time).


- a bedroom






Check-in time – 16.00

Check-out time – 14.00


Free parking in special areas.

No parking near cottages.



Railway station Mastryukovo Kurumoch selsovet Volzhskii district Samara


Email: bor-samara63@mail.ru


    Office - +7 (846) 278 81 90 Administrator- +7 927 0 103 102 Executive Manager - +7(846) 274 22 49




one two-storey block cottage VIP with all facilities provided. Contains three suites. For 8-9 guests.



two-storey block cottages Lux. For 4-5 guests.



Bungalow. Cottage with 4 separate rooms.



Swedish Cottage with eight separate rooms with all facilities provided.



Apartments Cottage with six separate rooms. 1st floor.



Apartments Two-storey cottage with six separate rooms. 2nd floor.