1. By car:


Go from Samara to Kurumoch village (posyolok Kurumoch) In Kurumoch turn left at the fire-observation tower, to the railway. After the railway go down, turn right and go through the Vlast Truda village. Having passed the village turn right, into the wood. You will be on the paved road that goes up. This picturesque road will lead you to Verhnii Bor tourist camp.


2. By commuter train:


From Samara to Mastryukovo railway station. After you go off the train turn left and go through the wood to the paved road. Take the right turning and go straight to the tourist camp.


(See the commuter trains timetable)



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Check-in time – 16.00

Check-out time – 14.00


Free parking in special areas.

No parking near cottages.



Railway station Mastryukovo Kurumoch selsovet Volzhskii district Samara




    Office - +7 (846) 278 81 90 Administrator- +7 927 0 103 102 Executive Manager - +7(846) 274 22 49




one two-storey block cottage VIP with all facilities provided. Contains three suites. For 8-9 guests.



two-storey block cottages Lux. For 4-5 guests.



Bungalow. Cottage with 4 separate rooms.



Swedish Cottage with eight separate rooms with all facilities provided.



Apartments Cottage with six separate rooms. 1st floor.



Apartments Two-storey cottage with six separate rooms. 2nd floor.